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Very few artists fit the stereotype of suffering for their art, starving in an unheated garret, producing one unrecognized masterpiece after another, and finally achieving recognition on their deathbed. The image of the artist as a lonely, neglected genius is attractive but misleading. The reality is much more prosaic.

The artist whose talent goes unrecognized in his or her lifetime is rare. Much more common is the artist who attracts lavish praise and recognition in his or her lifetime only to sink into irrecoverable obscurity, a footnote in art history rather than a chapter.

Cornelia Parker is one of the current stars specializing in installations for museum settings. In the art history of the future, will she merit a chapter or just a footnote?

In Ancient, Classical, and Medieval times, artists were essentially skilled craftsmen working for an employer such as a monarch, the Church, or a corporate organization. Their activities were supported and regulated by a professional body or guild. At the beginning of the 16th century, Leonardo da Vinci argued that the artist should be treated as the social and intellectual equal of aristocrats and scholars. The great artists of the High Renaissance shared this aspiration, and the majestic flowering of their art proves how successful they were in establishing this role.

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It suited both artist and patron and endured right up to the end of the 19th century. It allowed artists to play the fullest possible role in society, becoming the confidants of kings and popes, and sometimes even acting as diplomats and courtiers.

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Ingres, a painter firmly in the Classical tradition of the Renaissance, presents the image of the artist as intellectual giant, the equal of kings. The French Revolution of ushered in profound political and social changes.

The privileged world of monarchy and aristocracy began to wane.

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With a new sense of individual liberty in the air, art attracted new personalities who previously would have ignored an artistic life. The Romantic spirit exploited this freedom to express individual emotions, and to create art about personal experiences. The Classical tradition, with its admiration for antiquity and disciplined professional training, continued to flourish alongside Romanticism, but it was in decline.

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This spirit of independence led to a turning point in the second half of the 19th century, and to a new role for the artist. The change was most forcibly expounded by the radical French painter, Gustave Courbet, who argued that the true artist should be an outsider to the rest of society, free of all normal social conventions and at liberty to set his or her own rules.

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The idea was potent, particularly to the disaffected young, many of whom wished to establish a new art that would address issues at the heart of industrial society and the new awareness of human relationships and emotions that were revealed, for example, by Freudian analysis. It was a necessary condition for the development of Modern Art, and led to a rare chapter in the history of art in which the prime motivation Andy Warhol and friends In the s Warhol commented on his era through images of products such as CocaCola and iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe.

In the s his art increasingly featured images of himself and his followers. The artist today is often a successful businessman or woman in itself not that new a concept selling to institutions or private clients such as large corporations or internet millionaires.

A recent refinement is the artists assumption THE ARTIST TODAY of a managerial role The most recent turning where the artist does not point occurred in the create a work of art in s and the most the traditional manner, articulate advocate for but promotes an idea another role for the artist or concept, often in was Andy Warhol, who collaboration with other found the image of Dating Man Basque ara of Gustave Courbet The French art creatives, and then the artist as penniless establishment hated Courbet manages it as a project reformer outdated and because of his radical political or installation, delegating unattractive.

He wanted and aesthetic doctrines. If you look at the A patron is someone who provides the lifestyle and careers of most young necessary financial assistance for an artists born since the s, you can artist to create a work from scratch.

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In the early Renaissance, the patronage nominate a godfather figure it could of one of the noble courts or the be Cosimo I de Medici Church was the essential framework Cosimo used art to consolidate within which an artist was commercial and political power, obliged to operate, and but he also collected for the influence of a creative pleasure.

Collecting is thus and imaginative patron an aspect of that concept was immense. Any selfof individual personality respecting monarch was which lies at the heart now expected to be a of much Western art and patron of the arts, and thought.

Cosimo was also this tradition continued influenced by his love even into the 20th of antiquity. Dating site pentru a imparta i timpul liber to century.

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Europes rulers emulate the ambitions consciously used works of Classical Greece and of art to increase their Rome, he discovered how prestige, credibility, and the Romans had been political power. The passionate collectors and Church employed art in a Cosimo I de Medici Baccio bought and sold works similar way to spread the Bandinelli, marble relief, Florence: of art at auction.

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Museo del Bargello. A reflection Christian message and Private collectors, of Cosimos self-image as a noble to promote its influence. Without such patronage, Dating Man Basque ara in the new the great artists of the Renaissance mercantile Dutch Republic in the and the 17th century, such as 17th century.

Much of the framework Michelangelo and Rubens, could of todays art market was established never have created their masterpieces then, but the golden age for the.

Indeed, without the courage of a few Dating Man Basque ara dealers, such as Paul Durand-Ruel, Ambroise Vollard, and Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, the Impressionists and great masters of Modernism would have found it impossible to survive economically, and would have lacked a valuable source of intellectual and moral encouragement. Parisian art dealer Ambroise Vollard Vollard championed the great painters of the Post-Impressionist era, organizing the first one-man shows by Czanne, Matisse, and Picasso.

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Other dealers Dating Man Basque ara acted as patrons for young artists. The art market used to be rather secretive. However, the rise of the international auction house since the s and the buying and selling of works of art in full public view, has fueled popular interest in recordbreaking prices.

In relative and absolute terms, major works of art now command more money than ever before. This is partly because of their increasing scarcity in the market place, for once they enter a public collection, it is most improbable that they will come back on the market.

And it is also because rich people are prepared to go to almost any lengths to obtain the rarest of the rare. The reality is that most art does little more than fill a space.

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Such patronage created an industry to supply art for his palaces. Santa Trinit Altarpiece Fra Angelico, c. Altarpieces Dating Man Basque ara this high quality were rarities even in Renaissance Florence.

Moreover, the works of art of a periodtheir subject, size, style, appearanceare influenced by the spaces they are expected to fill. The characteristic public spaces of the Renaissance were churches, and quantities of altarpieces were required to fill them. The finest of Dating Man Basque ara now reside, paradoxically, in the secular public spaces of galleries, revered as icons of art history.

But a visitor to Italy, making a tour of churches, Dating Man Basque ara soon suspect that such lifechanging icons are rare and that most Italian religious art does little more than fill spaces. The monarchs of the 17th century quite literally created industries to produce works of art to fill their vast palaces.

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They required large sizes and complex mythological iconographies to proclaim their message of absolute temporal authority. Robert was curator of the collection, which opened to the public in Dutch Republic had different spaces to fill. Wealthy merchants wanted to fill their townhouses with images of their newfound political freedom and prosperity small-scale, meticulously crafted landscapes, portraits, domestic genre scenes, and still lives.

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Eighteenth-century Britain created yet another new space, the country house. In addition to filling them with old art brought home from the Grand Tour, owners filled them with the art of their own day which seemed to them most relevant and desirable, namely landscapes and portraits.

But these spaces held only historic art, never the work of living artists.

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In the 19th century the major spaces for the display of contemporary art were controlled by the Academies. These powerful institutions trained young artists and put on regular displays prepared by their members. Although their intentions were worthy, the Academies became obsessed with rules and internal politics and this is reflected in the increasingly ostentatious, but vacuous works of art created to fill their spaces.

One of the unique characteristics of Dating Man Basque ara art of the early Modern Movement is that it was not created to fill public spaces. Detested by the Academies, ignored by private collectors, and with no museum willing to house them, many of the avant-garde works of art produced by young artists, such as Picasso, never left the privacy of their studios.

Their principal purpose was to change the way we see the world or to express a deep private personal sensibility. It was a rare and unusual interlude. Today, filling spaces has returned as a dominant influence in contemporary art. The idea of a public place dedicated to a permanent display of work by living artists and of Modern Art in particular was pioneered by MOMA in New York in Not much imitated at first, in the last 50 years the idea has spread like wildfire.