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It is a debate that inflames Romanians — the reactions to each article dealing with the subject are many and passionate.

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Intellectuals, historians and journalists all debate the subject. Before moving on to the presentation of the articles found during my research, I would like to analyse the main position of the Romanian intelligentsia in this large debate which has been a bone of contention for decades.

And why so?

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I shall try and review their main points. The majority therefore transform them into some kind of extraterrestrial creatures that will be easier to remove from the body of the society.

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Giving media coverage to West Indian Woman Search Romany issue creates the real problem: Romanians will consider them as strange entities they should avoid by socially marginalizing them. The word is associated with filth, disorder, dishonesty, noise, abhorrent smells, and a half-animal, uncivilised world. Maybe the real problem is that the mentality of some of the Romany people must change — after all — we are talking about members of the minority that refuse to respect common-sense rules and Romanian laws by claiming that they belong to another type of culture.

Domuţa suggests the eradication of West Indian Woman Search customs that lead to a violation of the law like the tradition of organising the marriage of children or those that put in danger the safety, good health and wellbeing of entire communities and here education plays the most important role.

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As Mălina Voicu shows, changing the name of a minority does not lead to a change in its West Indian Woman Search. Apart from the name, the most important element is the general attitude and the behaviour of the majority towards the minority.

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From another perspective, the gypsies are a very heterogeneous group. Romany people West Indian Woman Search not simply people with colourful dresses and scarves or with a traditional way of life, known for playing traditional music.

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Between all these groups are important cultural, educational and social differences. First the slaves of By adopting only on the surface the way of life of the majority, they return an image of an matrimoniale cu femei din germania society, and as a result, the majority starts doubting its own identity and rejects the stranger that tells them the truth.

Is there a real desire on the part of the European community to integrate these people to normality since everywhere, in Romania or the European Union, they are treated as guilty from the outset.

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The statistics show that in the EU there are approximately 12 million Romany, but few of them are European citizens. The old continent chose to either turn its back to this minority, by chasing it away or persecuting it, or to integrate it by force.

One may even speak of a careless and discriminatory attitude of the European Union towards the Romany communities.

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Could the solution be, as Iosif Klein Medeşan proposes, a well-founded, coherent policy which implements educational and social integration programmes? The classification is based on what was considered newsworthy.

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For example, the fact that some Romanian gypsies are expelled from other EU countries will attract more readers to an article than the latest social integration programme developed by one or another NGO. The articles are mainly based on three general themes: the Romany in Romania, the Romany in foreign countries and Romany culture. Each main theme is divided into sub-themes. For each theme I will mention the number of articles that each journal published in the period under investigation.

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